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Here is a selection of the resources I have written, both for
Cornelsen as well as some others.
Please feel free to copy them and use them in your own
classes. If you do, please let me know how it went.

Business English
for Beginners (A1)
Basis for Business
Basis for Business
Other activities
Vocab briefcase
(Vocabulary Organisation)

The ‘Yes I can’ rosette
(Speaking about ability)

Fridge magnets

(Sentence building &
word order)

In the clouds

(Conversation and fluency)

What's my number?

(Numbers and facts)

Get the message

(Talking about the past)

I've got a product

(Product features &

A trip to the Bahamas
(Job responsibilities - Passive)

Class consultants

(Abilities - modals)

The factory visit

(Rules & regulations -

Rolling forecasts

(Plans & projects -
will & going to)

Company trumps

(making comparisons -

Liar, liar, pants on fire

(present perfect)

Small talk cue cards

(present perfect with
adverbs of time, present
perfect vs. past simple)

Sexy stationery

(adjective + infinitive,
adverb + past participle)

Bid for information

(present perfect continuous)

Explain yourself if you can

(second conditional)

Hitting the small talk

(Making small talk -
Cultural differences)

Passive tic-tac-toe
(Passive - products & services)

Horses for courses -
appropriacy in email language

The talking tree

(topics for small talk)

The credit scrunch

(Lexical chunks &
recycling language)

MI multiple intelligences
interview - my blackberry is

Adverb building blocks

(adverbs + nouns)

Mucky pups - taking
the minutes

Pecha kucha night

(Planning & organising

The butterfly effect

(alternative consequences)

Welcome to Lithuania
(Formal & informal linking

Just a moment

(spontaneous questions & interupting)

Takeover - a phrasal verb solitaire

Clearing the hedge - making sense of nonsense

(euphemisms & hedging)

Impoliteness? Of course not!

(Context & Intonation)

Class forum - cross cultural understanding

(Character differences)

Jamesie's lego - unmixing metaphors

More than my job's worth - a question of delegation

Slogan snake

(Recycling language)

Virtual encounter - when
brandividuals and avatars

(Tense review)

From our own correspondent
(Current affairs - listening comprehension & discussion)

World's most liveable cities

(Comparing and contrasting, social/political vocabulary)
Teacher's notes (Pdf)

Email killers

(Email language - avoiding ambiguity)

Billionaire trumps

(Using high numbers, comparatives)
Teacher's notes (Pdf)

Emails to Santa

(Email language, levels of formality)
Teacher's notes (Pdf)

Rhett & Link
Turning over a new leaf

(Intentions & future plans -
New Year's resolutions)
Teacher's notes (Pdf)

The great pelmanism
in the sky

Ppt Game
(Telephoning phrasal verbs)
Teacher's notes (txt)

Four in a row
Ppt Game
(For multiple-choice, gap-fills and class quizzes etc)
Teacher's notes (Pdf)








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